Flexrohr Typ2


The flex tubes are used to disengage vibrations and prevent annoying roar. It’s a universal part and can be used for different purposes, but most of the time it’s mounted closely to engine, because here are the most vibrations.

Valor Flex tubes are temperature- and corrosion-resistant, and technically gastight, because of the core, the so called metal-bellow. (corrugated tube)


Valor Flexible tubes are exclusively made of stainless steel 304 ASI (1.4301)


The corrugated tube is protected by one outer and one inner mesh-wire. The inner wire is to protect the inside against the enormous heat and emissions, coming from the exhaust system, while the outer mesh is to protect against any environmental influences.

In addition to the wire mesh, there can be a so-called innerlock liner (coiled hose) inside the flex tube. This innerlock liner improves the heat resistance and optimizes the air flow


Valor Flex tubes are actually used in the following sectors:

  •      Original Equipment
  •      Motorsports
  •      Repair defective exhaust systems


The Flex tube of Type3 come along with an additional weld on tube. This adapter enables an easy mounting to the exhaust system.

Our current product range covers all dimensions from 35mmm to 102mm.


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