Exhaust components

You need exhaust- clamps, flanges and/or pipe connection parts in large quantities?

We provide a wide range of exhaust connection and mounting parts. For our skilled engineers it's a part of the daily work to realize all of our customers requirements, scrupulously correct !   Bicone







This Bicone has the function to connect 2 tubes with different diameter and at the meantime it has the function of sealing. It is especially used in the exhaust system of a car. The high precition requirement of the part ensures the general performance of the exhaust systems. That's why it was more and more used within the recent years, in the exhaust systems of European cars.







The forging technique is suitable for the production of many different parts, which are hardly to be produced in any other process.

Material used:

  • Carbon steel, for example 1.0038
  • Stainless steel, for example 1.4301 ans 1.4510

As a supplier of Tier1 and OEM customers we pay special attention to proper and constant quality. Valor got several awards from his customers for high quality and a conspicuously low failure rate.

Through the experience with Tier1 and OEM customers, we're able to provide you large quantities with a constant quality!





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DTM P087